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Searching for a roofing company that is affordable, reliable, and ethical can be difficult. That is where we come in. We are everything that we described above and more period we realize that taking your needs and to serious consideration and making sure that we excel and go above and beyond them is what we pride ourselves in.

We are here to provide the following roofing services:

  • Repair (including small leaks)
  • Installation
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Insurance Claims

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Committed to Quality Work

Producing quality work, making sure that you are satisfied, and leaving the job with your satisfaction is all that we care about. Being committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service even prior to starting work is our main goal.

Whether it is providing you with a free estimate or just some general advice about your roof, we want to make sure that you are completely taken care of and satisfied. We know that a roof can be an excellent investment and we make sure that the quality that you receive will enable you to maximize that investment.

Is a roof inspection worth it?


Roofing Inspection

Absolutely! Assessing the health and overall longevity of your roof can be a very important first step into knowing whether or not your investment in either repairing or installing a roof is actually worth it. Very often, the majority of the roof will be completely fine but there may be some sections that need small repairs in order to keep your own protected.

That is why we definitely think that you should be proactive when it comes to having a roof inspection from time to time. Every few years, it is definitely worth having a professional roofing company come out and make sure that you and your home are functioning correctly and protected. Keep in mind, your roof is the first line of defense to the overall health of your home and ultimately your satisfaction.

The amount of information that you can learn from a good roof inspector can make all the difference. Whether you are trying to figure out how much it’ll cost to either replace or repair your roof, asking some simple questions can be well worth it.

Don’t wait to repair your roof until it is too late!

Most of us only think about our roofs when a leak starts to show on the ceiling. While this is a clear sign that a roof leak has occurred, we can definitely tell you that this is something that can be completely avoided. Very often, people forget about their overall health of the roof system and we truly believe that having somebody climb around and make sure that everything looks good every few years can be well worth the time and money spent.

In fact, we highly recommend that you call a roofing company like us when you need a second set of eyes in order to look at a problem that you think may be developing. Most people wait until it is too late and therefore a small repair job can turn into a much larger problem because of tree, hail, or water damage. It always is painful to see a potentially small problem turn into a larger problem simply because the problem seemed so tiny. Whether it is a small or large repair we want to make sure that you are taking care of!

We can help with your insurance claim for roofing damage

Roof Damage Repair

Roof Damage Repair

During a storm you may experience some damage to your roof. It is often during these times that are entire structure is tested on whether or not it can survive. If your homeowners policy does cover storm damage to your roof, then we can definitely help work on getting you patched up and back to functioning 100%.

Typically, the first step is for us to assess the damage, and take pic pictures that will help present your case to the insurance company. We will work hard to make sure that your case is presented in a way that is most favorable to you and honest to the insurance company. We know that dealing with several companies can be somewhat of a pain and we recognize that and try our best to make sure that you are taking care of and get back to normal life as fast as possible.

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